Suicide Or Mission: The Choice Facing More North Koreans Than You Might Guess

What choice will be made?

Do the Word

2015-03-15 UU mission trip -.W service -02Post by Pastor Tim – When LSY defected to South Korea she was investigated by the National Intelligence Service Center, like all of the other North Korean defectors. Even though she was already a Christian, she was physically and emotionally weak. She began to have suicidal thoughts. She thought that it would be better to die by jumping out of the window than to go through any more interrogation.

LSY was by no means weak by nature. She had worked hard labor as a construction worker in North Korea for over 20 years. And during the eight years she spent in China before coming to South Korea she continued to work hard in order for her and her family to survive.

Her trip from China to South Korea was very difficult–“impossible without God’s help,” LSY says. But she also says she felt like God gave her special care while on…

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