decision point: engaging the lost

Can workers “only come from the harvest”? Based on the fact that all the people I know who are promoting DMM were Christians before they were involved in DMM, I’d say “no”.

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This is the fourth post in a decision point series on how disciple making teams relate to local churches.

Some disciple making teams implement disciple making movement strategies by directly engaging the lost.

These teams see future workers coming from the harvest field itself. Their job, therefore, is not just to find and disciple people of peace, but to develop people of peace into leaders.

Implications: Raising up workers from the harvest fields significantly increases the likelihood of an indigenous, reproducing movement. However, this requires discernment about which parts of the local culture can be embraced, and which parts need to be redeemed over time.

Key decision: will the disciple making team try to stay ahead of the movement, or will they step to the side?

Encouragement: be a bridge between the emerging movement and existing churches.

Your turn:

  1. What benefits do you see in directly engaging…

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