decision point: recruiting local workers

Disciple Making Movements and existing local churches… how do they work together? Or can they? Join the conversation!

uDMMs | urban Disciple Making Movements

This is the third post in a decision point series on how disciple making teams relate to local churches.

Some disciple making teams focus on recruiting and training workers from local churches to implement disciple making movement strategies.

These teams see God setting aside specific individuals to bring the Gospel to new groups of people. The team’s job, therefore, is to train and coach these people to live out their calling.

Implications: investing in those who are called by God to initiate new movements focuses your energy and maximizes their fruitfulness. In order for this to happen, however, local churches need to be willing to release these gifted workers.

Key decision: will local workers lead new groups of believers, or will they mentor the natural leaders of these new groups?

Encouragement: honor the local churches and mobilize prayer by asking them to commission the workers you have…

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