100 Days Update: Free Persecution Starter Kit Available

Free Persecution Starter Kit!

Do the Word

SUSA-KoreanA dear brother called my attention to Michael Carl’s recent article, World Ignores Worst Human Rights Offense, in which various North Korea ministry leaders lament the lack of world outrage toward North Korea as it persecutes Christians. “No nation is planning a military strike against the tyrannical rule of the North Korea,” observes Pastor Douglas Riggs.

The article is part of an emerging media theme: Why does the world seem to not notice that Christians get persecuted more than just about everybody else put together? Molly Hemingway’s piece is representative and worth quoting at length:

In recent weeks, we have Muslims killing Christians in Kenya, Egypt, Pakistan and Syria. Again.

It’s time to ask an important question that many of us have successfully avoided for far too long:

Can we finally start talking about the global persecution of Christians and other non-Muslims?

Finally? Please?

As Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert…

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