Worshiping In The Common Places

Worshipping in the common places… where? how?

P.R.A.Y. the Bible

FallBibleChallengeCoverDuring these 100 days we are focusing on “worshiping in the common places”…  Such prayer can be both “ordinary” and “revolutionary”.  Daniel 6  offers some insight in that regard.  Daniel prayed three times per day.  Even when prayer to any “god” but the emperor was outlawed for a time, he continued his routine of prayer. His worship (routine prayer) in the common places (his home) which was quite “ordinary” in some senses had become “revolutionary”!

Where are some “Common Places” outside the church building that we might pray during these 100 days?  Tim Dillmuth from SeoulUSA offers some examples of where he and his family have prayed during the 100 days so far while reminding us that our goal is to be faithful each day where we live.:

  1. Home  – You may have never considered your home to be a common place, but notice that we used the…

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