A 100 Days Update: Why The NK Underground Church Loves The Ten Commandments So Much

There’s such a history in the US of not considering the 10 Commandments appropriate for “New Testament Christians” it’s worth addressing, especially when it has such an interesting NK slant!

We try to teach the prologue with the commandments so that people realize these are ten commands given to those who have first received the grace of God’s deliverance not “10 ways to earn something from God”.

I’ll will repost this later today at the FB page for “Disciple Making in the Historic Church”


Do the Word


Greetings from the second week of 100 Days of Worship in the Common Places with the NK Underground Church!

  • If you’ve signed up and are participating, make sure to post up on our Facebook page with what you’re doing and how things are going. (And check out the posts of others, including the story about the husband and wife–and newborn baby–who did the NK Underground order of worship together in the hospital right after giving birth!)
  • If you haven’t yet signed up, it’s not too late. The participation kit is free; just cover the cost of shipping, and we can get it to you in the next few days. Here’s the signup page.

And whether you’ve signed up or not, here’s an answer to a question I get a lot: Why do NK underground Christians treasure the Ten Commandments so much?

Short answer: While a surprising number of Western…

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