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Rejunvenating the Church

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Disciple Making Movements

Disciple Making Movements

Guest Blogger: Curtis Sergeant, This blog post comes from the DMM training notes of a breakout session at the 2013 Rejuvenate Conference.

In the church, we hear so much about the Great Commission, but the great disconnect with all disciples in churches is that most disciples don’t view the Great Commission command as their personal responsibility of obedience to the One who has all authority.

What is built into the DNA of effective discipleship?

  1. Obedience
  2. Accountability
  3. Multiplication

A) Discipleship

“Disciple” means “follower.” God is not asking us to be the Christ. There is only one Jesus Christ; therefore, being a disciple means making disciples in a way that they learn to follow Jesus, not try to be like us.

So, every follower of Christ, no matter their lack of experience of maturity, are experts in discipleship compared to the lost. (2 Timothy 2:2)

B) All…

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Multiply Justice

“The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” (Proverbs 22:7)

It’s hard to imagine a more predatory practice than payday lenders, with desperate poor people charged an effective 390% annual interest rate — in many states legally and unregulated.

Barrett DukeBarrett Duke writes at

It’s easy to get in debt and often very hard to get out. This is especially true if you live on the edge of poverty. People on the edge of poverty have very little room for an unexpected expense. So, what do they do when one inevitably occurs? Many turn to payday lenders. And in doing so, they often make their poverty worse.

Here’s how it works. A payday lender offers to lend a single mother, say, $500 to help pay for an unexpected expense, like a car repair. He offers a simple deal—repay the loan in two weeks with…

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Once you have learned to think that all the stories in the Bible are actually important to you, you will need to wrestle through them in order, starting at the beginning. Pretty soon you will come to Genesis 6 and the mysterious Nephilim, apparent giant offspring of the “sons of God,” and the “daughters of men.” For this wickedness the patience of the Lord is finally up to its fill, and the flood is brought to wipe out all flesh.

But who are they? Who are the Nephilim? And who are these “sons” of God?

This will be an efficient and therefore incomplete answer – but I want to review the two most popular answers, ruling in favore of one, then I want to basically make one major point. So the efficiency is ignoring all the other complicated discussions, especially of New Testament material. I do this because I think…

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Does the West incite militant Islam? It certainly has. Are Western governments our own worst enemy when it comes to building up resistance to the Gospel and missionary efforts then?

The Kuyperian Commentary

Richard-CobdenAt one point in history, there were these Bedouins in Arabia who no one considered worth worrying about. No one in what is now modern France or Spain ever thought that anything a Bedouin could do could possibly bring about the conquest of Christian culture.

Only a century after the death of Mohammed, Charles Martel had to fight for the defense of Christian civilization in France at the Battle of Tours. Spain was already conquered.

The Bedouins had more potential than anyone gave them credit for. Too bad, instead of the Gospel, they were converted from paganism to a “mutant virus” form of monotheism. It still unleashed more power than anyone would have ever imagined. Paul warns us in Romans against arrogance toward the “Barbarian” and the “foolish.” Islam is a case study in how pride goes before destruction.

Later, however, in the years leading up to the Reformation, Erasmus…

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