Richard Baxter wrote the classic book “Reformed Pastor”. The book did not refer to “Reformed Theology” per se but was instead a call to “reform” pastoral practice at the time with regard to making sure that one’s congregation was properly and personally instructed in the faith. That call might well go out again today! Here, Eric Foley discusses Baxter on a very serious topic. How to love and do good to one’s enemies. Ouch!

Do the Word

WLO_doinggoodThe older I get, the more I value what might be termed “practical divinity” over “spooky spirituality.” The Christian life, in other words, is a whole lot more everyday-ish than we give it credit for, culturally wired as we are to treasure personal spiritual highs over the inglorious grind of growing to be like Christ while we wait in supermarket checkout lines and toil away in our work cubicles.

(I think Wesley had this in mind when he said that the only holiness worth having was social holiness. I don’t think he was reaching here only for vaunted concepts like “social justice” and “human rights.” I think he was primarily indicating that if your religion didn’t show out from under your outer garments when you were just sitting in a room with somebody–anybody–it probably wasn’t a religion that was worth much, anyway.)

To the end of growing in practical divinity…

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