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Do the Word

WLO_Blog_WheelPost by Pastor Foley. I’m so excited as I write this post because–oh wait. Let me do this in correct catechetical format:

Q1. Why are you so excited as you write this post?

A1. I’m so excited as I write this post because after six months of searching along with Pastor Tim we have discovered one of the few extant Wesleyan/Methodist catechisms. And it’s really well done.

Q2. What is it called, and where can it be found?

A2. It’s called The catechism of the Methodist Episcopal church. Numbers 1, 2, and 3, in one volume, designed for consecutive study in Sunday schools and families. Published in 1855, it’s in the public domain and thus available for free or for a few bucks in print form from amazon.com.

Q3. If I am Wesleyan/Methodist, why should I care?

A3. Teddy Ray explains why in his excellent post, Why United Methodists…

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