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Do the Word

WLO_Blog_WheelPost by Pastor Tim. I’ll cut right to the chase . . . the church is failing miserably at discipleship.  Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to all churches, but I’m afraid it may paint a pretty accurate picture of many churches within North America.

I was struck by this truth as I attended a recent service at a large, well-known church in our area this past year.   As we walked into the church, we were whisked away to a large room with snacks for the adults and crafts for the kids.  This was where we were greeted by friendly volunteers, and where we received the welcome packet to end all welcome packets.

Once in the sanctuary, I was struck by the beauty of the décor, the grandeur of the large choir, and I was intrigued by the artist stationed at the front of the sanctuary with a large canvas.  Ultimately, the…

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