For Disciples of Christ There Are No Random Acts Of Kindness, Only Acts Of Greater and Greater Preparation Leading To The Cross

If our acts of kindness are “random” we are nothing less than accidental Christians…

Do the Word

WLO_Blog_WheelI am hoping against hope that the California megachurch that “decided to shower its community with gifts of love and service for 25 days” this Christmas is spending January helping each participant debrief the experience and think individually about what they learned and how the Holy Spirit may build upon each experience in the year to come.

My experience has been that we churches are not so much inclined to reflect on and learn from our efforts to do good, however, which explains why we may not be so great at doing good well.

We have a tendency to think that doing good is relatively easy when we get around to it, and the challenge is really just making the time. But in a training I did this past month of missionaries serving in some of the toughest places on earth, I led a seemingly simple “do the Word” exercise…

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