Good post on how tapping into people’s idealism can motivate action, but it can backfire when we do not tell the full story. Some people don’t want to be rescued and sometimes the good works we do like building clean water wells are stolen by the same oppressive individuals keeping the people in poverty anyway. A balanced approach does the most long term good. Eric Foley’s articles on “ransoming captives” are worth reading in this regard.

Multiply Justice

end it movementBy Mark Kelly

I’ve always been an idealist. As a young believer, one of the first passages to capture my imagination was Luke 4:13-23, Jesus declaring his mission “to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors.” (NLT) One of my favorite T-shirts has a slogan boldly emblazoned on the front: “We can stop injustice now.” My heart thrills to see so many people take up the vision of a campaign to end slavery all over the world — especially 60,000 enthusiastic young believers at the Passion 2013 conference held here in Atlanta this past weekend.

I love the idealistic vision: We can stop injustice now! We can eliminate poverty! We can end slavery! Eradicate malaria! Clean water for everyone!

If only reality cooperated.

Slaves are set free when one brick factory closes, and two more open…

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