Is Christ For The City?

An interesting post for all the “For the City” Churches.

One thing worth observing is that while Paul is said by many to have an URBAN strategy, the pattern in Luke-Acts is a HOUSEHOLD (oikos) strategy that stands out as much or more than the urban side. Of course urban areas were much more likely to host the extended family/business relations envisioned by the concept of Household/Oikos.

(I suppose it begs the question as to whether a first century city is exactly equivalent to a modern city sociologically, but that’s another question as well!)

A technical study on the topic of the “Household Conversion” being the focus of St. Paul’s ministry is found in:Household Conversion Narratives in Acts: Pattern and Interpretation (JSOT Supplement)

A much more popular, affordable, and practical exposition written by an actual evangelism practitioner and critic of the “prosperity gospel” (it’s worth the cost just to read the zingers!) is: The Luke 10 manual

It demonstrates how the “oikos” model is considered a viable mission strategy even today for a variety of reasons but does not address the “city” per se.


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