Changing worldviews is about “rewriting” (or “renarrating”) the meaning of one’s life. If we are to renarrate our lives in light of what God has revealed Himself doing through Jesus Christ, immersion in the overarching plan of God revealed in Scripture (and best conveyed by DBS) is essential!

From the Desk of John King

Now that we have taken a couple of weeks to survey some basic material you can learn in Sociology and/or Anthropology, let’s consider the value of Discovery Bible Studies in this context. Your sense of identity (Who am I?) impacts your beliefs, which shape your values and these direct your behavior.

That sense of identity arises from the stories that you grow up being told. No, not the occasional stories, but the ones that your parents accepted from their people group and keep passing on to the next generation.

When the creation/redemption story of the Bible shapes your worldview you approach life with crucial beliefs. Yes, you know that there is much brokenness in our world, because the sin of Adam brought long-term effects. But you also know that the God who created pursues people out of his great love and through his amazing grace.

As you walk with Israel…

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  1. johnkking November 27, 2012 at 10:59 am Reply

    Thanks for recommending this series of articles to others, Chuck!

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