It’s nice to see other people starting to use “Discovery Bible Study” methods. There is obviously a learning curve when it comes to adopting new techniques, but perhaps the most important issue  we often have to confront – as this brother did – is the question “Am I ready to receive God’s answer to my prayers on HIS SCHEDULE or my own?”

Five For Togo

For several weeks a few of us from my church have been studying the Bible with residents of the Tulane Apartments.

Not a single person, even though a few have been involved in multiple studies, has visited our church which is about 2-3 miles away at most.

After the Church Planting Movement conference last week, I was convicted about the possibility of using a discovery Bible study method somewhere, and I was praying about the “where.”

Cherle Velez called me at 11:00 this morning saying she had a study set up. The problem was a I had planned on spending the day working on my sermon and class for Sunday. I told Cherle I didn’t have time to help her today.

Then I realized that I was not ready to receive an answer to what I had been praying. I called Cherle back and said I would come and would…

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