An interesting observation. As we can tell from our forays into Iraq and Afghanistan secular America has placed all its hopes in the propagation of a secular “democracy” that assumes “everybody can just get along”. The only place that works is someplace where – at least in the distant past – Christianity taught self-control. So check out “The New Trotskyites”

The Calvinist International

Martin Sieff recently noted the ways in which the US can be described as a “superpower of the left.” As blurred as the categories may be today, the point stands. Whether it is Democrats or Republicans, from an international perspective the US policy looks to be all of a piece. It is committed to the spread of its own style of govt. across the globe, even if that means direct intervention. Russia and China, by contrast, are now much more interested in their own national interests and, in a sense, retaining a “conservative”, that is, pragmatic, regionalist, non-utopian posture in the face of internationalist pressure.

Now, there is no inherent virtue in “conserving” or being “traditional.” Everything hinges on what is being conserved and the content of the tradition being embraced. Still, there is something to Mr. Sieff’s observation that “today’s neocons are really neo-Trotskyites promoting the old, doomed enthusiasms under…

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