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As one person noted, liberals and fundamentalists both have a unique ability to make the Bible look ridiculous but for different reasons. Were it not for the Biblical faith Rachel Evans hates, however, women like here would never have been allowed to be educated enough to even make such assertions. That is the irony of the whole matter!

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Rachel Held Evans, the evangelical (perhaps “post-evangelical”) blogger and author has been hitting media outlets promoting her book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master.” This week she appeared on NBC’s Today show and next week she will be a guest on The View. In these interviews and in news articles, Evans describes how she “set out to follow all of the Bible’s instructions for women as literally as possible for a year to show that no woman, no matter how devout, is actually practicing biblical womanhood all the way.”

In her promotion of the year long “experiment” and resulting book, Evans has created a caricature of a “biblical woman” who does not even discern between Old Covenant and New. As reviews have already pointed out, the book at heart…

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Urban Disciple Making Movements Conference

Looks like a good conference… especially important will be the discussion on how to access the various existing groups already within a target area and bringing the Gospel to them.

Urban Disciple-Making Movements (Urban DMM) is an initiative by Cityteam International to explore, develop, and implement new methodologies to reach our urbanizing world. With more than than 50 years of experience in ministry to the inner city, and 8 years of recent Disciple-Making Movement success within predominately rural populations, Cityteam now turns its focus on the megacities of the world. You are invited to join us on this journey to reach the majority world, the megacities, through research, evaluation of methodologies, application of lessons learned, and experimentation with new ideas to reach the urbanites of tomorrow.

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It’s nice to see other people starting to use “Discovery Bible Study” methods. There is obviously a learning curve when it comes to adopting new techniques, but perhaps the most important issue  we often have to confront – as this brother did – is the question “Am I ready to receive God’s answer to my prayers on HIS SCHEDULE or my own?”

Five For Togo

For several weeks a few of us from my church have been studying the Bible with residents of the Tulane Apartments.

Not a single person, even though a few have been involved in multiple studies, has visited our church which is about 2-3 miles away at most.

After the Church Planting Movement conference last week, I was convicted about the possibility of using a discovery Bible study method somewhere, and I was praying about the “where.”

Cherle Velez called me at 11:00 this morning saying she had a study set up. The problem was a I had planned on spending the day working on my sermon and class for Sunday. I told Cherle I didn’t have time to help her today.

Then I realized that I was not ready to receive an answer to what I had been praying. I called Cherle back and said I would come and would…

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Here’s a creative example of Business As Mission. A missionary to Tanzania hopes to completely fund his ministry by 2019 by offering travel packages. With the revenue, he will cover business costs, provide for his family, and fund his development and outreach ministry. Do you know of other creative examples?

An interesting observation. As we can tell from our forays into Iraq and Afghanistan secular America has placed all its hopes in the propagation of a secular “democracy” that assumes “everybody can just get along”. The only place that works is someplace where – at least in the distant past – Christianity taught self-control. So check out “The New Trotskyites”

The Calvinist International

Martin Sieff recently noted the ways in which the US can be described as a “superpower of the left.” As blurred as the categories may be today, the point stands. Whether it is Democrats or Republicans, from an international perspective the US policy looks to be all of a piece. It is committed to the spread of its own style of govt. across the globe, even if that means direct intervention. Russia and China, by contrast, are now much more interested in their own national interests and, in a sense, retaining a “conservative”, that is, pragmatic, regionalist, non-utopian posture in the face of internationalist pressure.

Now, there is no inherent virtue in “conserving” or being “traditional.” Everything hinges on what is being conserved and the content of the tradition being embraced. Still, there is something to Mr. Sieff’s observation that “today’s neocons are really neo-Trotskyites promoting the old, doomed enthusiasms under…

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